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What Are Blog Tags
Blog Tags are 'keywords' assigned by members to their individual blog posts.

When a member is writing their blog post, there is a 'keyword' field that appears in the area where the member composes (or edits) their blog.

Members are encouraged to add a few keywords related to each post, so that others can find the post using the 'Tag' system.

When the same 'Tags/Keywords' are used for multiple blog posts, they appear larger and more bold than other keywords within the 'Tag Cloud'.

Over time, the more popular categories will rise to the top, with larger 'Tags', as more and more posts appear about that topic.

All members are encouraged to go back and add a few keywords/tags for any posts already written, by logging in, and clicking on the 'Edit' link below their post. The 'keywords' section will appear in the blog edit area to the left of the 'Save' button. Just add keywords separated by commas.

Christian Passions Blog Tags