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New to the site....and completely confused!!

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Posted:     Post subject: New to the site....and completely confused!!

Hey everybody,

I'm new to this site. When I set up my profile for Christian Passions I had no idea I would find the questionnaire so shocking.

Please explain to me how you can claim to be a Christian and click that you're into nudity and have your profile pic as a man only in underwear??? I'm sorry guys (my term for guys and gals). I'm totally in shock. This will probably not be approved by the administrator, but I have also tried to contact them and haven't gotten a response. I'm giving serious thought to deleting my profile. I'm totally dissappointed with this site.

Also, I may not be completely "computer savvy" but really??? This is the most confusing site I've ever been on. Seriously. This is rediculous. Mad

I click on my preferences and it shows women also. I only want to view males who fit my criteria. If it's that simple, would someone mind guiding me through this?

Then there's my pics. I have these pics on another website (or had), and they aren't blurry. Then I put them on this site and they're blurry. Whats up with that?

Ok, now that I look like I'm a contrary person when I'm actually very friendly, (lol) I'll wrap this up. Please feel free to comment. And please don't be rude with your comments. Thanks, ~~JC~~

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January 5, 2005
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PostPosted:     Post subject:
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We were going to reply to your email to us, but since you have chosen to post your comments in the forum, we will address them here.

First, with regards to nudity and/or 'how much skin can show in a photo', we use the 'bathing suit rule' in approving photos...which means we will accept photos that show no more flesh than what could be seen on any public beach.

(We do not allow 'thong type' images though, even though one might see thong bikinis on a public beach.)

You reported a member in his underwear, but there was really nothing wrong with the photo, as the underwear could just have easily been a bathing suit.

By the way, nudists and naturists come in all faiths, and there are many who are Christian.

With regards to seeing women in the search results, even though you are only interested in men, we can only assume you clicked a link to browse the site.

If you run a search and define your search criteria as a woman seeking a man, you should only find men in the search results. (You can also save this search after setting it that you can click the 'Run Saved Search' button at the bottom of the search page.)

Using the 'Saved Search' feature will allow you to run the same search on any site in your account without having to re-enter the search criteria.

Please keep in mind that 'browsing' and 'searching' are different, because the site is not ONLY a dating site. It is also a social networking site, where people can find others for friendship and support. Browsing allows you to see all members regardless of their gender. It's a good way to find people in your area you share things in common with. For example, if you click into the Groups area, do you really ONLY want to see men in the 'Born Again' group. (If so, you can run a search within that Group, but otherwise, you can browse the members to see who is active.)

As to your individual photos, we are not sure why they are blurry on our site, but not on others. We offer a cropping tool within the photo system to try to minimize the area of the photo not focused on you (which allows for more detail to be displayed within your photo)...and we provide access to a free online photo editor, with instructions on how it can be used to modify your photo if there are problems.

Overall, some of your confusion is probably due to the fact that Christian Passions is one site in a network of over 200+ sites. The network has been online for almost 8 years and there are millions of profiles within the network, and a huge list of features/options. It can be a bit confusing at first, but hopefully as you explore, you will find some interesting fun things you didn't expect. For example, if you click into the MY SITES link in the Account area, you will find BIBLE PASSIONS, an entire site focused on the Bible, with groups specific to that site.

The idea is that members can create their own personal groups of sites that match who they are as a person.

That being said, you are HIGHLY likely to see a lot of 'non-Christian' sites in the network, because those sites are for people with different beliefs / interests.

Within the Religion section alone, we have sites for Jewish members and Buddhist members, etc.

The fact that those sites are in the same network as Christian Passions should not be a problem, since you only see the people in the sites you add into your account (unless you CHOOSE to do a search across the entire ntework).

We recommend you read the FAQ and HELP pages of the site, and that you click through all the links in the Account area. While that will take some time, you are likely to find a lot of fun features you had no idea existing...and everything in the network is 100% free.

If you have additional questions, please send us an email (like you did before). While we try to respond promptly, we are managing over 200+ sites, and sometimes it can take us a little while to get back to you.



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