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Zaftigintrigue's Blog Merry Christmas all.
Posted by Zaftigintrigue on 2013-10-15 02:35:04.

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New year. :) No comments



Posted by Thewifeytype on 2012-07-26 21:22:34.

Hello guys:) my names Sidney im 18 im a kind,loveing,sweet,faithful,trustful ext.. girl:) im shy especially around guys, but get to know me, i know im young but i know what i want ever sence i was a in middle school, i want a serious long term relashionship, that hopefully (one day in the future) it will turn into marriage and kids:) thats my passion in life! i wanna get a place with my Mr.Right so im writting this to put my self out here! and see if i can get any one who is intrested and share the same values as i want so hopefully i will find my soulmate!!! 2 comments



Stevenjames1961's Blog How do we find a true christian soul mate ?
Posted by Stevenjames1961 on 2010-09-11 16:08:16.

Hello I'm Steven & i've just started on this site & i think I need some help from you others that are very familiar with this site,I'm looking for a lady christian,To start out e-mailing through this site,for awhile till we build up trust enough to share oue personal e-mails. Then we could e-mail back & forth that way till we are comfortable enough to meet for like coffee,Is it bad that i don't have a license at this time because of my past driving & drinking problem,Even though... 2 comments



Annaz01's Blog God's way
Posted by Annaz01 on 2010-07-28 00:33:12.

God has goals for our lives. Trust in what He says. The Lord takes us through anything as it says He won't put more on us than we can handle. Give everything, again everything to Him. This includes hopes, wants, dreams and He will provide for you. Sometimes we may not like the way that He is taking us, but He won't ever direct us into something for which we aren't ready. We must follow the Lord's will and He will help us with anything else that happens as He promised to do. One comment



Annaz01's Blog dreams
Posted by Annaz01 on 2010-07-28 00:30:52.

I can not stop dreaming, because my God is not a small and fictional, but Big and Real!!! - Я не перестаю мечтать, потому... No comments



Loveangel24's Blog Tips on finding a Christian husband
Posted by Loveangel24 on 2010-06-30 08:06:32.

Have you like loads of Christian women wondered how on earth you are going to find a Christian husband?... Well I've been there too so I want to help out with a few simple ideas. OK, here goes. This may be the most important decision you make in your life and may decide if you'll have a happy marriage and also affect your children. There are no golden rules on how to find a husband or 'get' a Christian guy to marry as it's sometimes not so nicely referred to, as God deals with us individually and... 2 comments

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